Episode 02 – Written In Blood – Brian Clapper Sweat Soup

In our second episode, we cover “Written in Blood”. A group of writers made up of a creeper, a lech, a transvestite and a insane woman all conspire to murder as many people as possible in the sleepy village of Midsomer Worthy.

Show Notes


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Aptly Named Pub

Since there is no Aptly Named Pub in the episode, send us your ideas. 

Gerald’s Caliber

Gerald clearly says in the episode a 35mm caliber bullet, this is clearly a mistake. A 35MM caliber bullet is used with huge naval gun ships. A .35 caliber bullet is a popular caliber for a Remington revolver which i assume Gerald means.  

XKCD Greenland cartoon – https://xkcd.com/1451/

If anyone knows what school was used for Causton Comprehensive I’d love to know and see pictures.

The name of Brian Clapper’s play according to the subtitles is Slangwhang for Five Mute Voices. What the heck is a Slangwhang? A slangwhanger is a loud, abusive speaker or an obnoxiously offensive writer. That might be the reason for the title. 

Who do you think does the best Dead Body Acting in this episode?

Thanks again for listening and next week “Death of a Hollow Man”.

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  1. Bronach McElhone says:

    Hi Mark and Sarah,
    I love the podcast and look forward to listening every week. I just wanted to let you know that I have gone to listen to Episode 18 and it’s the same audio as Episode 17!

    All the best


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